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If We Are going to purchase a laptop, individuals Consider Different Specifications To Suit Their Needs. Many Brands Available In Market. All Brands Are Designed in different ways to take care of consumer need. Style, functionality, Fashion And Size Are Some Of The Factors that manufacturers Consider When Developing laptops. Finding The Desired Laptop can Seem A daunting task since there are numerous brands in the market. Due to Technological Advancement, Many Laptop Manufacturers Have Emerged And if not careful, you may end up a victim of unscrupulous dealers. This article will highlight the top 10 best laptop brands of 2014. 

1) Apple

Apple is No One Brand In The World. This Brand Name Has Conquered All the Other Brands in The field of technology. Their smartphones, iPhones and notebooks are some of their iconic Products that have set the pace in the technology world. Apple laptops warrant slimness and protection while offering unique features. They can be a little too expensive but Apple laptops are the best and most reputed in the world. The laptops offered by Apple are slim and provide unique feature that put it on the top of the list for best laptop brands.

2)  Sony

One of The Sony is a Renowned electronic manufacturer, it tends to attract customers because it offers durability, Relianbility and embraces technology. For decades this brand has been ruling the heart and minds of the users. Its durability and reliance attracts the customers in a lot of technological equipments such as phones, television, music system or a laptop. Sony laptops are unique, provide best quality display and deliver performance. Sony VIAO laptops especially are expensive but do not disappoint in terms of battery life and hardware. Sony Have Best Picture Quality.

3)  HP

The notebooks offered by HP are very unique in appearance and are preferred by the customer over a lot of other brands. HP is the name of innovation in the world of laptops.  The products offered by HP have won the customer’s loyalty. The Hewlett Packard (HP) products are known to be a little expensive, but they are worthy every bit. Their standard laptops offer the consumer quality with focus on sound and graphics And Soft touch keypad.

4)  Dell

Dell If Popular Brand Also.Dell is the most popular brand worldwide. This is because of its continuous struggle to keep up with technology and produce quality products to its customers. Dell laptops are user friendly, offer all basic features and are technologically smart despite their relatively affordable prices.Good Designs & Gaming.

5)  Samsung

The same Can Be Said About Their Laptops Which are Great & Offered at an average price. Samsung is One of the Leaders in the global Market of high-tech electronics and Digital media. For over 70 years this brand has been Dedicated To Make a Better World with advanced technology, Speed, creativity and develop market products that define our lifestyle. Samsung is quite a mature brand that has been manufacturing quality electronics and household appliances. They Have The Best Notebooks for Gaming which Are slightly Expensive in the World.

6)  Lenovo

Lenovo is  A Chinese Brand But its Operations go All the Way to The USA. For 20 years Now, Lenovo has continued to churn out good quality equipment with innovative features. Their notebook prices end to Be Slightly Higher than Their Regular laptops. However Lenovo provides the best quality ,sound, Graphics, Touchpad & Display. Personally i Recommended Lenovo Laptops.

7) ASUS 

One of The Best Laptops ASUS is an Asian brand which is popular in the world for its highly sophisticated hardware, innovative software, quality display, This Asian brand employs more than 20,000 people and is renowned for being extremely user friendly. Some customers however claim that they have poor touchpad response and their customer support is not that efficient. 

8)  Acer 

Acer Have Many Color Available. Customers Looking for Aesthetic Value and Sophistication tend to go for Acer Laptops. Their product range tends to lean towards fashion than technology. Acer Laptops are relatively expensive and compared To Other brands they lack quality in; sound, video, keyboard and Touchpad. 

9) Toshiba

Their latest designs feature lightweight models that come at extremely Affordable prices. Customers worldwide Agree That it May Not Offer Top Notch Functionality, but is especially good for people working on a budget and who are looking for a suitable Notebook with soft keypad

10) MSI Laptop Brand

Msi Laptops Are Best For Gaming. Micro-Star International is one of the best and least popular laptop brands. This company has been in existence since 1986 and is a renowned IT manufacturer worldwide. Their machines are known to handle heavy duty operations such as gaming, video and graphic editing. In that case if you are looking for a gaming laptop, MSI will provide you with top functionality and convenience. With
8GB of RAM 
& one of Intel’s latest quad-core Haswell processors that can Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz, this laptop has almost desktop levels of performance, and its 2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics chip can power through almost any game you throw at it.

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