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Amazing Future Technology Inventions Gadgets | 2019 – 2050

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Year Of 2018brings A Lot Of Cool Tech Gadgets Things To Look Forward Too. Significantly Change Gaming And Virtual Reality Experience is Awesome. No Other Life Will See The Benefits Of Hi-tech As Well, Including Entertainment, Communications, And A Health. the First Camera That Should Be Able To Capture Virtual Reality And Microsoft Hololens.

One Of The Products To Look Forward To Is Oculus Rift By Oculus Vr. Virtual Reality Headset Featuring Good Display And Integrated Headphones Should Bring A Revolution In Vr Experience, Especially In The Gaming Sector, But Is Bound To Have An Impact In Other Areas, Like Streaming Media And Social Networking. Other Cool Tech Things From This Category Include Playstation Vr, Nokia Ozo.

Top 5 Virtual Reality Gadgets Of The Future

Future Is Bound To Bring Significant Changes In Virtual Reality Sector. With Many Companies Competing For Their Share Of The Pie, These Are The Top Five Virtual Reality Gadgets Of The Future That Goes Beyond Visual Experience.

1) Provides Full Body Motion Detection With Real-time Tracking. Every Movement Translates Into The Game Or Virtual Reality Setting With Complete Freedom. It Is Available In Three Versions.

2) Cyberith Virtualizer Aims To Bring Virtual Reality Experience To A Next Level. The Virtualizer Enables The User To Move Freely In The Virtual Reality Setting With Low Latency And Isolating The User From Outside Distractions.

3) System By Sixense Entertainment Is A Modular Wireless Motion. Tracking System That Should Set Very New Standard In The 3d Interface. The Users Are Able Not Only To Walk Around But Also To Move Hands, Yield Weapons, Swing, And Duck.

4) Reactive Grip To Bring New Device, Unprecedented Levels Of Motion Capabilities In The Virtual Reality Setting. It Also Introduces A New Way Of Experiencing More Subtle Things Like A Weight Of A Shield.

5) Dexmo Classic And Dexmo F2 By Dexta Robotics Truly Belong To The World Of Future New Up Coming Technology Gadgets. This Wearable Machine Exoskeleton Is Capable Of Capturing The Entirety Of Your Hands’ Motions.


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